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Catalog #4874 _ Beautiful old Navaj pawn silver dollar bolo with 17 round blue turquoise stones set in sterling silver. Heavy guage sterling silver hand stamped design from the 1950's.
Size approximately 3 5/8 inches long with sterling silver tips.
Price $385.00 Plus S&H

Catalog #4889 - Beautiful Navajo pawn turquoise cluster bolo. Twelve blue turquoise stones set in sterling silver with a hand stamped border design.
Size approximately 2 3/8 inches long.
Price $220.00 Plus S&H

Catalog# BOLO8371 - Beautiful sterling silver Navajo bolo with a deep blue turquoise stone.
Approximately 2 inches long with a sterling silver rope border.
Price $175.00

Catalog #8373 - Beautiful hand stamped rectangular sterling silver bolo with one red coral stone.
Size approximately 2 1/2" long.
Price $285.00

Catalog #8372_Beautiful Navajo blue green turquoise bolo with sterling silver raindrops. Created by well known Navajo artist Ray Fiero. Approximately 1 3/4" long.
Price $175.00

Catalog #8077 - Beautiful Navajo sterling silver and green Manassa turquoise bolo with silver raindrops, Approximately 1 3/4" long.
Price $175.00

Catalog #BOL8383 - Beautiful hand made Zuni bolo. Black jet, mother of pearl, coral, and turquoise stiones set in sterling silver. Approximately 2" in diameter.
Price $260.00

Catalog #BOLO2390 - Beautiful hand made Navajo sterling silver and
blue green turquoise bolo. Approximately 2 3/4" long.
Price $385.00

Catalog #BOLO8378 - Beautiful Navajo bolo with handmade sterling silver feather design and two blue turquoise stone.
Approximately 2" long
Price $200.00

Catalog #BOL8374 _ Beautiful Effie Calavasa vintage bolo. Hand made sterling silver classic Effie snake design with blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones. Tips are matching snake designs. Signed Effie C. Approximately 2 1/2" long
Tips 1"long.
Price $450.00

Catalog #BOL8379 - Beautiful Navajo hand made sterling silver conch design set with red coral and blue turquoise stones. Approximately 2" in diameter.
Price $250.00

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Catalog #BOL8388 - Beautiful handmade inlay horse bolo by famous Zuni artist Lincoln Zunie. Bolo is sterling silver set with all natural stones of jet, coral, turquoise and mother of pearl shell and yellow lip clam shell. Bolo tips are horse head designs inlayed with mother of pearl and turquoise eyes.
Approximately 3 3/4" wide.
Price $1500.00