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Be sure to check your wrist size before
scrolling down and ordering a bracelet

Catalog #9270_Beautiful Navajo Pawn Cuff with Bisbee
Turquoise stones and beautiful silverwork by Ramon Platero.
Size approx. 6 1/4 Price $450.00. Sorry Sold

Catalog #BRC9989 _ Beautiful cast Navajo sterling silver pawn cuff set with a green turquoise stone. Size approx. 5 3/4.
Price $275.00 Plus S&H

Catalog #BRC2942- Beautiful Navajo Pawn heavy gauge sterling silver cuff with a turquoise and coral stone.
Size Approx. 6 1/2

Price $385.00 Plus S&H

Catalog #BRC2936_
Beautiful old pawn one inch wide sterling silver inlay cuff set with turquoise, jet malachite, mother of pearl, clam, tortoise and pink mussel shell. Size approximately 7".
Price $550.00 Plus S&H

Catalog #BRC2123RB –Beautiful Navajo inlay cuff with many colored stones and shell..The silver work is exceptional. The stones are blue and green turquoise, lapis, malachite, onyx, synthetic opal, spiny oyster shell, and  mother of pearl. Signed RB. Size is approximately 7.
Price $350.00 plus S&H
Sorry Sold!